Given the over-saturation of cafes in Melbourne's dining sphere (no complaints from me, I love my weekend brunch feed), it takes a lot for a cafe to leave a lasting impression. It's usually the food or impeccable service that makes me go ga ga over an eatery but when it comes to Ada Grace, the South Melbourne cafe immediately wowed as soon as I stepped foot into the establishment.

Any guesses on why? I'm sure you will have noticed the floral roof in the photo below? Everyone does. The floral setting was absolutely beautiful, culminating in a gorgeous space that added much oomph to our overall dining experience.

The gorgeous interior of Ada Grace.

As for the food? I tried a bite of Dr. V's croquettes and could immediately see why she enjoyed the dish. The texture of the croquettes were spot on, featuring a silky soft potato-y inside, coated in a delicious crumb. Teamed with a capsicum and caper salsa, the sweetness not only added to the overall flavour of the dish but also helped cut through the heaviness of the fried component. 

I opted for the thyme mushroom dish, comprised of an assortment of mushrooms (oyster, enoki and button), parmesan crumbed polenta chips, saganaki and a poached egg. Each of the elements on this plate was executed to perfection; throw together several delicious ingredients and you really can't go wrong. The medley of mushrooms was rich in its earthy aromas and its flavour compounded by a healthy dose of thumb. The punchy, cheese presence on the plate served as the icing on top of the cake.

Good food and good vibes make for an excellent and memorable brunch experience. Ada Grace definitely ticks the mush visit/return box! 

Ada Grace

6 Union St,

South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205.

(03) 9696 4396

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