The times really are changing when hip cafes that are usually found in the inner city suburbs suddenly start popping up much close to home. For the record, home is Melbourne's westside and quite far out west for that matter. 

But hey, if it means not having to venture so far out for say even a coffee on weekends, then no complaints from me! With a menu that embraced a number of outside-the-box options, newcomer Jack B Nimble is a welcome addition to not only the west side but also Melbourne's brunch scene as a whole. 

During our breakfast, we allowed the chef (or waiter) to take control of our order and ended up with a few tasty dishes to share. 

Jack B Nimble serves up quite a delicious take on the humble omelette but not as you know it. A prime example of their penchant for adventurous ingredient combinations, Jack's omelette was paired with some ingredients that took our taste buds a little closer to Japan. The kombu broth was sensationally clean and abundant in sweet umami flavouring, complementing the natural sweetness of the silky hapuka pieces. The smokiness of the hapuka contributed another dimension of flavour. It's a dish that comes highly recommended but unfortunately may not be available as a subsequent visit to the cafe revealed the replacement of the dish with another omelette variant. 

It's a shame I'm not a fan of lamb but one bite of their roti jack, and I can see why the dish is quite a hit. For the record, I did try the lamb but it was the accompanying components that wooed my taste buds. A big tick in my books, the brioche-like milk bun was not too buttery or sweet. The tastiest aspect was hands down the flavoursome and punchy mayo. The bread was topped off with a sugary crunch, giving the dish quite a strong and unexpected sweet presence for what is meant to be a savoury dish... but much like the omelette, the adventurous component was met in the middle with a fine balance between the flavours that allowed for the dish to be nailed on the head. 

I normally steer clear of sweet offerings during breakfast and brunch hours, but Jack B Nimble's french toast would definitely be one exception to the rule. The french toast was spot on; fluffy and light, and not overly eggy in flavour. Teaming the subtle sweetness from the bread with fresh kiwi fruit and poached pear slices, a sugary malt crumb and a sticky sweet dulce de leche, the overall medley of sweet flavours was very well balanced and delightful. The mascarpone sported a fragrant hint of earl grey but its presence felt somewhat redundant and was eclipsed by the other elements on the plate. If you're like me and prefer savoury over sweet, be sure to pull out that second stomach for dessert... 

As mentioned earlier, I have since revisited the cafe and said visit certainly won't be the last. Tasty options, good coffee and close proximity to home; it's win, win, win. 


Jack B Nimble

132 Mitchell St,

Maidstone, Victoria, 3012.

(03) 9317 9792

Disclosure: I visited the restaurant as a guest of Jack B Nimble and Lunchbox Communications. All opinions expressed in this post are based entirely on my experience and observations made during the time of my visit. 

EatMaggie Lam