Welcome to the future. It’s the year 2045, and there is immersive and futuristic art to enjoy, and edible plating and bugs on the menu. Or so was the case with Fed Square’s immersive Sensory Underground dining experience featuring Tokyo Tina. Sustainability was a big focus of the overall menu, opening with togarashi fried crickets. Masked by limited visibility, taking that first dive was made less difficult, and subsequent bites more so after tasting first hand how utterly delicious these were… think deep fried school prawns coated in togarashi spice. The entree of tinned seafood and sashimi made good use of seafood bits that would normally be discarded. The main course featured a role reversal of meat and veggies, appearing as the side and main dish respectively. And lastly, dessert was a 3D-printed chocolate and yuzu donut. Innovative, adventurous and absolutely delicious.

Togarashi crickets with almonds and sorrel.

Tinned fish - diced salmon belly, roe, crispy fish skin, and salmon liver mousse, served with kombu cracker.

Kingfish, salmon sashimi with yuzukosho dressing.

Main course: miso roasted cauliflower and Jerusalem artichokes.

Side: pork terrine and pickled persimmon.

Fusion - yuzu donut and 3D printed chocolate.