The name Tommy Collins is synonymous with stylish and memorable when it comes to event catering, as we were able to experience for ourselves one evening a few months ago.

Styled as ‘No Agenda’, said evening was filled with anything and everything that one can think of when it comes to catering for an event. There were free flowing drinks from bottles to delicious cocktail concoctions. Canapes featuring exciting ingredient combinations like silky wallaby tartare on an earthy seeded crisp. Some guests (we counted ourselves amongst the lucky bunch!) were even treated to a tasty preview of a sit down style dinner, which featured a chicken, beef and seafood main. And finally, the best was no doubt left for last with a berry and passionfruit meringue parfait that still haunts my taste buds to this very day. And gorgeous presentation to boot!

So look no further than Tommy Collins by Atlantic Group when it comes to catering needs for your next event.

Disclosure: I attended as a guest of Tommy Collins by Atlantic Group. All opinions expressed in this post are based entirely on my experience and observations made during the time of my visit.