When fine dining collides with high-end fashion, you know you're in for quite the gastronomic experience. 

It therefore came as no surprise that one of the stand out meals we had during our time in Japan earlier this year took place at the Michelin-starred Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo located on the top floor of the Chanel Building in Ginza. The beautifully-plated dishes captured the great union of Japan's fresh produce with the flavour combinations of French cuisine, leaving quite the impression after every bite. The elegant space, wide sweeping view of Tokyo and impeccable service only served to further enhance our overall dining experience. 


  • Vegetable choux.

  • Green avocado and crustini.

  • Beetroot leaves soup.

The vegetable choux comprised delicate pastries filled with either a carrot or beetroot puree. Both had a kick of mustard which contrasted beautifully with the sweetness of the puree and elevated the overall flavours. It sounded fairly straightforward but the avocado puree was incredibly light and creamy, and had a nice zesty bite. We were next served some soup created from beetroot leaves, with an addition of chickpeas and baby shrimp. I quite enjoyed the light and clean flavours of the soup but the sticky texture, akin to okra, threw my palate at times. Encounters with the preserved citrus were surprising but melded well with the overall flavour profile of the soup. 


  • Marinated sawara fish with white asparagus and spring onions.

Cooked well, the flesh of the fish was silky. The creamy herbed emulsion was quite rich while the onion, asparagus and jus brought forth various notes of sweetness. Despite the overall flavour intensity, all the elements balanced well with one another. 


  • Free-range chicken with quick sauteed spring cabbage and cooking jus.

  • Spit-roasted saddle of lamb with carrots and turnips and herb condiment (rosemary, thyme and sage).

Ordering chicken is always such a risk; more often that not it comes out dry and overcooked. But the chicken was just cooked beautifully; moist, tender and succulent. Possibly the best chicken I've tried to date in regards to how well it was cooked. Alongside the chicken, the other stand out on the plate was the jus, which imparted a generous amount of flavour. 



  • Chocolate praline Chanel square.

  • Strawberry/beetroot, with delicate shortbread and a fresh cream cheese sorbet.

Considered a signature dessert, the chocolate praline Chanel square was elegantly plated. Cutting into the square revealed several layers and textures of nuts and chocolates. Definitely one to order for the chocoholics out there. 

The strawberry and beetroot was an interesting combination for a dessert but the tang of the cream cheese sorbet formed a cross bridge between the sweeter strawberry and savoury beetroot elements. I wouldn't have picked it myself but actually enjoyed the refreshing nature of this dessert over the indulgent chocolate square. 


  • Passionfruit & coconut macarons.

  • Framboise & chocolate macarons.

  • Chocolates.

The macarons were spot on in texture and the flavours were vibrant. Despite feeling quite full at this stage and planning on trying only a bite of the macarons, one bite was simply not enough. 

Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo

Chanel Ginza Building

3-5-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

+81 3 5159 5500