One of Gippsland’s biggest names in the winemaking industry is family-run Lightfoot & Sons Wines. The once-upon-a-time-a-cattle-farm location not only offers some of the most beautiful sweeping views of Gippsland, but also makes use of the quality soil and air to produce quality grapes which form the crucial starting point of the winemaking process. Their wine selection encompasses sparklings, whites and red options, and the characteristics run from light and crisp to more full bodied and nuanced. In short, there’s a wine for everyone. It’s sparkling all the way for me but their experimental, small batch Nouveau Syrah (limited release) was a real stand out. They mentioned having fun with the production process for this wine, and it definitely translates into the final product yielding quite a distinctive and tasty flavour profile.

So be sure to pay a visit to Lightfoot and Sons, enjoy the wine tasting followed by a tipple or two, and perhaps accompanied by a tasting plate of Gippsland goodies. Oh, and do remember to enjoy those stunning views (a given, really…)!

Lightfoot & Sons

717 Wy Yung-Calulu Rd,

Calulu, Victoria, 3875.

+61 3 5156 9205