Alongside all things matcha, ramen and fresh sushi and sashimi, lobster rolls from Luke's Lobster were also high on my list of things to eat during our time in Japan. Half way through day one and with an hour of queuing, I was able to tick this off my list. 

We visited the Harajuku location seeing as it was most convenient for us but it turns out we would've saved time had we gone to the other Tokyo location... located a mere 1km away in Shibuya. We were told afterwards that the Harajuku eatery was the first ever to open in Japan, and for this reason attracts long wait times. Makes sense......... nopes. 

Luckily we had already scoffed down a steamed bun from the conbini some time prior to our visit, so han-ger (hungry anger) was not an issue during our wait. Be prepared for some serious stomach rumbles however, with sensational herby buttery smells wafting from the front of the store. It only got worse as we progressed in the queue! 

Once we finally got around to ordering and paying, there was barely a wait before receiving the food. Happy days! A few snaps on my camera (kudos to John and his self control) and it was time to eat.


The inside of the brioche bun was lightly toasted, resulting in a buttery blend paired with a subtle crunch. The ratio of juicy lobster flesh to bun was spot on, at least for my order of the standard serving size. The boy's order of the US size saw his roll overflowing with lobster, but no complaints from him! The taste of the butter sauce tasted every bit as finger-licking delicious as hinted by the aromas, and is probably what really makes the lobster roll the star it is. The buns were admittedly small, but well sized given the richness and indulgence (but oh so delicious) of the buttery brioche and butter sauce.  

So good were the memories from that first meal that we squeezed in one other visit (this time to the Shibuya eatery) on our last day in Japan. That roll tasted even better sans queues...

Luke's Lobster Harajuku

Japan, 〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingūmae, 6 Chome - 6 - 7 - 1

+81 3-5778-3747