With winter soon upon us and the weather rapidly cooling down to the mid teens or lower, tis the season for warming up with some Korean BBQ. Although some may argue that Korean BBQ is good all year round. There are no shortages of Korean eateries on our side of town but it’s also nice to mix things up every now and then, and we recently hit up Miss Korea in Camberwell for a K-BBQ feast. The offerings are largely traditional, and favourites like the Korean fried chicken (swicy skewed towards sweet over spicy), seafood pancake (great ratio of seafood and veggies to batter, and not an overwhelmingly strong presence of kimchi), and tender pork bulgogi were on our must-order list as soon as we came across them on the menu. With some of us bouncing back from colds, the light and clean flavours from the ginseng chicken broth were greatly appreciated. And of course some K-BBQ meat was an absolute must and we opted for the chef’s recommended set comprising Wagyu cuts of scotch fillet, chuck flap tail and cap sirloin. Most of these cuts were superbly tender and juicy, and definitely formed the highlight of our meal. The sashimi platter wasn’t exactly the best in town (nor were we expecting it to be) and I would opt for the other tastier Korean bites instead.

Unsurprisingly, our dinner took place did take place on a particularly frosty (and wet) evening, and the toasty warmth from the bbq torching, heartiness of the meal, warmth from the soup and subtle spices here and there all worked their magic to warm us up from head to toe while treating the taste buds to a tasty meal.  

Pork bulgogi - marinated thinly sliced pork stir fried with vegetables on a sizzling plate.

Korean deep fried chicken - crispy chicken with soy garlic sauce // sweet and spicy sauce.

Seafood pancake - panfried savoury pancake.

Ginseng chicken soup - slow cooked chicken with Korean herbs and sticky rice.

Chef’s recommendation set K-BBQ menu - with Wagyu scotch fillet, chuck flap tail and cap sirloin cut, served with Kimchi fried rice and vegetable ‘SSAM’.

Sashimi plate.

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Miss Korea Kitchen & Grill

845 Bourke Rd,

Camberwell, Victoria, 3124.

+61 3 9882 4999

Disclosure: I dined as a guest of Miss Korea Kitchen & Grill. All opinions expressed in this post are based entirely on my experience and observations made during the time of my visit.