Ever wondered what a vegan croissant tastes like? (And why someone would even want to go down this route?!) Me too. Curiosity won out and setting all judgement aside, I decided to check out Weirdoughs and their vegan pastry offerings, which included their famous cube croissant. As we proceeded to cut the cube in half, the resistance against the knife and the crunch were all good signs of a crunchy croissant. Tasting it confirmed this crunch and produced some flaky mess, so in this regard, they’ve managed to do pretty well with the exterior. The inside was light but had more build than the usual buttery croissant; its texture somewhat akin to that of a brioche loaf but of course sans butter. All in all, not bad at all (and a great option for the vegans out there), but it’s definitely not a croissant. Accompaniments to the croissant included a smashed avo blend or jams to oomph up the flavour profile. We also tried a jam doughnut; aside from being overly generous with the jam filling and throwing out the donut to jam ratio, I actually did quite enjoy both the flavours and textures captured in this one, and truth be told, wouldn’t have known the difference compared to a normal donut.

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241 Flinders Lane,

Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.