For those of you planning a lovely breakfast or brunch in for Mother's Day, look no further than Bonne Maman's range of preserves and jellies for the perfect sweet touch to accompany goodies like scones, crepes, pancakes or some freshly baked pastries. 

I've been eating jams since childhood and tend not to stray too far from my favourites, strawberry and raspberry! There may have also been a few jars of marmalades here and there. Bonne Maman's range not only includes these stock standard flavours that most people love but also venture outside of the box. Great news for those looking to expand their jam horizons or try something new. Preserves include fig, plum, rhubarb and peach, while their other range includes chestnut cream, quince jelly and redcurrant jelly. There's even a caramel for those of you with more of a sweet tooth! Whatever your preference, Bonne Maman has a jam for everyone. 

Disclosure: I received the products courtesy of Bonne Maman.