When in Singapore… eat Kaya toast. That’s how the saying goes, right?

One of Singapore's favourite breakfast staples or snack (good during any time of day, really) is the humble kaya toast, often accompanied by some oozy eggs for dipping and a nice cuppa joe. I had my first kaya toast experience on day two of our Malaysia/Singapore trip, and chased this with several more kaya toast variants throughout the trip. 

We visited different eateries for what essentially became a daily kaya fix, and it was quite interesting to see how many different variations existed between different eateries. These included an assortment of buns, varying amounts of butter, and the taste and texture of the kaya jams.

Verdict? All delicious in their own way.


This one is apparently an oldie but a goodie, graced by many locals during our morning visit. If the one hour+ morning walk from our accommodation wasn’t enough to whet my appetite, then the combined aromas from the kaya and coffee did just the trick. The toasted surfaces have quite a nice crunch while the bun remained airy light. The thick slab of butter was a tad too much for my liking but also easily removable :)

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204 E Coast Rd,

Singapore, 428903.

+65 6345 0419


Toast Box is one of several popular kaya toast chains in Singapore, which means you can pretty much find a kaya toast fix wherever and whenever. When it comes to Kaya toast, this version seems to be the most common form, featuring crispy and thin slices of toast sandwiched with butter and kaya jam, with both flavour and the crunch defining the experience. The otak otak toast is also a winner; the otak otak paste so vibrant in spice and herbaceous flavouring.

Variation locations.


Similar to Toast Box, Ya Kun is also a chain kaya toast eatery that can be found all around Singapore. The crispy toast form is also available here, but we were keen to try the steamed kaya toast version during our visit. The steamed toasts were piping hot upon serving, the thick sandwiches airy light and fluffy, sandwiching a generous serving of kaya jam and some butter. Flavours and textures were in the ball park of a custard bao. As much as I love my crunchy toast, I also thoroughly enjoyed Ya Kun’s steamed version, which goes down a treat for breakfast.

Various locations.