In what would have to be considered record time for time between landing at a destination and food adventure, our first food adventure of our 2016 Tassie getaway took place no later than 30 minutes after our plane hit the runway of Launceston Airport. 

Granted the restaurant was at said airport, but it still counts! With an hour to kill before picking up our rental car (having car access is a must in Tassie!), we decided to fill up with some breakfast at James Boag Upper Deck. 

I'm not usually one to order the big breakfast but decided to do so this time around with the full Boags breakfast skillet as I thought having bits and bobs would offer a great introduction to Tassie's fresh and tasty produce. While I wasn't able to finish the whole thing (no surprises there, it's usually why I don't order the big brekkie), I did manage to try at least a bit of everything and the dish did not disappoint. Who knew that airport food could taste so good?

James Boag Upper Deck

Launceston Airport

311 Evandale Rd,

Western Junction, Tasmania, 7212.

(03) 6391 8014